Tuesday, March 25, 2014


My parents moved to Florida about 28 years ago. When they first moved they lived in a very small home in a "not so good" area, after about 2 years there they bought a home in a small town. When they bought it all those years ago they said they were only going to live there until by brother either started kindergarten or after he finished...my brother is now 26 years old and my parents just sold the house.
My house is the only HOME I have known my 24 years on this planet. It has always been my safe place, my home and one of the greatest memories of my life. I have seen multiple changes to the house, not only in color (the first color I rememeber was a pretty ugly peach, for the past 10-15years or so its been lime green). I've seen structural changes and additions (we converted our garage to an huge "game room," added an office on top and built a new garage in front. Added a screen to our pool, knocked down some walls, multiple bathroom updates and a kitchen update. Needless to say, it's not the same house they moved into 26 years ago, nonetheless it's still HOME.
My brother and I have both moved out and live on our own now, my parents decided they were going to "downsize" and move into a small townhouse about 20 minutes away and closer to the interstate for their traveling jobs. We took our time moving them out, not by my mom's request, but laziness by the rest of us and I think a small portion of that laziness can be attributed that we wanted to spend as much time there as we could in its last moments as our house.

I bought a medium to put a picture on in September for a boyfriend to put one of his horses on...he ended that before I even had the chance to make it. Decided I wasn't just going to let that purchase go to waste and I was going to fin a good use for it. A friend of mine suggested that I put a picture of my house on it, her family friend painted her a picture of her old house, so she passed along that idea. Turns out in all that time we lived there, we never captured a good picture of the house. We had to ask very good friend of ours to use there nice camera and take so pictures of the house. After some HDR editing, we came to a picture all of us almost couldn't stop looking at. Decided that would be the one I would use. I bought a 20x30 size of an aluminum medium from Aluminyze and after some discovering (having a high enough resolution) my mom and I were able to upload the picture onto their website. Within a week I received my picture and couldn't be happier. I have it proudly displayed in my apartment's living room right now and can't wait for visitors to comment highly about it.

Now I think I need to get one made for my mom for mothers day in May...not too bad of a gift if I do say so myself.  

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