Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Customized Tervis Tumblers

My family has this obsession with Tervis Tumblers...we have all almost converted our entire cabinet of cups to tervis'. They are some of the best cups, don't sweat, dishwasher safe, fun designs and are customizable.
They are such a hot commodity that when my parents have parties they will hide their collection in their room. They seem to either grow legs and walk off...or walk off with the person that was using them. We have lost quite a few and are always on the look out to see if we can recover them when we visit friends houses (get ours back, not take their and perpetuate the cycle).

Anyways, I had some customized for my cousin and her husband-to-be for their wedding gift. They were really creative (he works in marketing) and created a logo to use for many different facets of the wedding (Save the Dates, Invitations, water bottles for hotel guests) that I had access to electronically. Tervis does say they have approve all designs before printing/creating to keep people from altering a trademarked logo.

This is the logo they are using for their wedding.
And this is the mock that Tervis showed me when I created.

Enjoy! Some of the best cups you will have. Awesome!

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