Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cross Wall

A couple years ago my mom got our family a Cross, to start our cross wall. Since then we have made crosses to add to it and bought some to remember some trips we have taken.
6 of the above have been made and 3 bought....looking to buy more and make more to fill that wall and maybe another.
Some of the ones that are up there are wine corks- mother's day gift- cut wine corks in half and attached to a wood base.
Wrapped beads over wood- my mom made that one- strung small beads (not quite as small as seed beads) on a THIN wire and wrapped over a wood base with a crossing pattern in the middle.
Rolled magazine on wood- one of the first ones I made, and made it in my college dorm room.

Beads and wire- this is actually one of my mom's favorites, we made this at a mother daughter night-  mom's is blue, mine is orange.

Mosaic- we bought this one in at the Ft. Worth Stockyards and it has a little bit of a Texas feel to it- second from the top in the righthand side above.
Metal with colorful design- this is the first cross to start the wall- my mom got it at some art gallery.
Porcelin- this was another mother's day gift- I bought this in Arizona and it has the southwest color and feel you often see in Arizona.

I've started my own cross wall in my condo, smaller then my mom's but working on it. Most of mine are handmade.
Screw cross-made from large screws and colorful beads.
This is now a additional item I have started to include in wedding gifts, still trying to find a poem that says something along the lines of build your home with Christ to incorporate the Cross part with it being made out of screws to "build your home."
Just made a new one, that my mom had now requested I make her one as well.
This is my cross wall, still a work in progress.
Most of the crosses on this wall were made by me and have "duplicates" that are for sale and will be on my Etsy page. Enjoy! :-)

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