Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Homemade Mother's Day

In one of my earlier posts I painted a Sand dollar with a bull on it....well, using one of the sand dollars from that batch I created my next project. My mom has a cross wall in her house that I like to add to from time to time. With the extra time on my hands and Mother's day approaching I thought it would be a perfect part of her gift.
My family has a condo on the beach and it's a BIG part of our lives, we spend many weeks/weekends there and I've always wanted to tie the beach into a cross for her wall...perfect opportunity. I went simple, not wanting to overdo it.
I painted the logo of out condo on the sand dollar and painted the wooden cross with a little effect that sort of looks like the ocean. I attached the sand dollar to the cross using E6000 glue (the best blue/epoxy). Now its all packaged, wrapped and ready to be opened by momma. :-)
The smaller portion of the wrapping is the card I made. We love owls, so I used old fabric, sequins, beads, the vein of a feather, and wire to create a textured all I need is a sentimental message on the inside. ;)
Happy Mother's day to all the mom's, future mom's, and grandmothers! You will forever be cherished and deserve more than just a day of love, you deserve a lifetime of love for everything you have given and sacrificed for your kids. Life wouldn't be what it is without the love of a mother.

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