Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Flower Power

This past weekend I was in Gainesville, FL for a friends birthday celebrations and I saw as part of her decor the cutest flower piece. I started to look at it to see if I could recreate it, with slight changes, for my apartment. The gist of the piece was to use a canvas and cover with silk/fake flowers.
I of course am very cheap haha and went to the dollar store to get my fake flowers. I got a large variety of flowers, lilies, hibiscus, peony, dandelion, roses, etc (The people behind me in line probably thought I was crazy for buying as many as I did and how long it took to ring up). After starting the project, I realized that is better to get ones that aren't too tall, the lilies worked then they were surrounded by taller flower too with a little gap, overall I wouldn't recommend getting lilies.
I had the canvas already from some potential projects that I want to complete, got a couple different sizes from Walmart and/or Joann Fabrics.
Started to separate the flowers from the stems and would cut the small plastic piece left I would cut down flat so it was easier to glue down. Using a hot glue gun, I just started at one corner and glued and kept gluing flowers down until the canvas was covered. Hard to have a pattern with something like this and I think it actually looks better without a pattern.
Now I have to decide if I want to leave it how it is with the flowers natural colors, or like my friend's piece if I want to spray paint it one color. Or do I go completely astray and use multiple colors, in which case I then have to decided if I want to do a pattern like stripes or just blotch it (like tie dye).

Here is a picture of the finished product before any spray painting.

Now I just have to figure out a place to hang it....hopefully my roommate likes it too.

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