Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sand Dollar Bull

Let's get this thing started! Sand dollars that I recently painted for my boyfriend. We went to Marco Island for a vacation and you wouldn't believe the amount of sand dollars just sitting in the sand. Anyways, he ended up collecting about 15 of them and after the dogs got to them, I was left with 8 to do what I pleased with. :) He runs a ranch and I decided to mix two totally different worlds (Ranch/Cowboy and Beach/Tropical) with each other.

Sand dollars-Beach/Tropical

I went through google and picked a picture of a bull I liked...and that I didn't think was going to be too complicated to paint. Printed out a small version of it (about the size of the sand dollar) and cut it into manageable pieces so I would be able to get sizing correct. Traced the areas and started painting. When it comes to making the brush stroked look more like hair, make sure there isn't too much paints on the brush or that it is too watery, it has to be dry to make it look like hair.
The gift was well received and now I'm trying to decide what I will paint on the next one(s) for myself or as another gift?
Finished product in the shadow box with the brand of the ranch he runs!

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